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Woot was founded in 2004 and used to offer great deals on one product per day until it sold out. This company was then acquired by Amazon in 2010. Woot now offers daily deals and limited-time offers on several products across seven categories.

Each day, there is one item that is featured, and it offers the lowest price on that item anywhere on the web. The deal only lasts for one day and is replaced with a new deal at midnight. In addition to the featured item, Woot offers great deals on other items across the store every day.

Browsing Woot’s Deals

Woot's Deals
Woot has amazing deals every day on items that you’ll love

Woot offers flash deals every day in 7 different categories: Home & Kitchen, Electronics, Computers, Tools & Garden, Sports & Outdoors, Shirt, and Grocery & Household. Each day, Woot features its Deal of the Day on the store’s homepage. This deal only lasts for 24 hours, so you have to catch it while it lasts.

When you click on one of the store’s categories, you’ll also notice that each category has its own special deal of the day. Below the deal, you’ll find sub-categories that fit within that category, so there’s plenty to browse. Additionally, within each category, you’ll find shoppable collections like Best Sellers, Deals Under $25, and New Today.

Shenanigans, Woot-Offs, and BOCs

Woot likes to keep things fun and interesting. Besides changing up the deals and products frequently, Woot also has unique promotions and events that you’ll find only at this store.

Firstly, Woot has Shenanigans. This is fun content that you can fund on the Woot site or in the mobile app. This content includes jokes, daily polls, games, and exclusive deals. Woot users can learn more about Shananigans in Forums. So, as you can see, Woot is more than just a store, it’s a place to hang out.

Woot-Offs happen about once a month or so. This is a full day of previously-unannounced deals on all kinds of items, with new deals being announced every half hour. You’ll find amazing discounts that only last for a very limited time, which is what makes Woot-Offs so exciting.

During a Woot-Off, you can snag a Bag of Crap (BOC). These are boxes that are stuffed with random products for one set price. You don’t know what’s in it before you buy it, but Wooters have been surprised with items that range from brand-new laptops to expired batteries. You never know what you’re going to get!

Deals on Electronics and Computers

Woot has awesome deals on electronics and computers every day. On the Woot site, these are separate categories, so you can find a tab for each at the top of the page.

If you click on Electronics, you’ll find the deal of the day featured at the top of the page in this category. As you scroll down, you’ll find links to other deals of the day, including items like phones, cameras, video games, audio products, TVs, streaming services, and car audio products. When you click on a category, it will show you what’s available that day.

Under Computers, you’ll also find the featured item in that category, too. Here, you’ll find links to popular items like laptops, tablets, projectors, computer parts, software, desktops, and computer bags and cases. Every day, there are great deals on products from brands like HP, Samsung, Apple, Amazon, and Dell. This includes both new and refurbished items at low prices.

Goods for the Outdoors, Garden, & Sports

After discovering great deals on tech gadgets, you can browse other deals on items for all kinds of interests and hobbies. To do this, you can click on the tabs Tools & Garden and Sports & Outdoors.

Under Tools & Garden, you’ll find quite a variety of items. This includes tools like hand tools, power tools, hardware, and tool storage. You’ll also find products for pool maintenance and automotive care. There are also plenty of products that can help you maintain and enjoy your green space. This includes items like lawn and garden care products, grills, and other products.

The Sports & Outdoors category has quite an assortment of items that you’re sure to love, as this category has an eclectic mix of products. As the name implies, you’ll find sporting goods, fitness equipment, and fan gear.

However, you’ll also find athletic apparel, in addition to other, everyday clothing for both men, women, and kids. To go with this clothing, there are several pairs of shoes, accessories, jewelry, watches, and sunglasses. You’ll find both athletic and casual footwear for men, women, and kids, in addition to running shoes and sneakers.

When it comes to outdoor products, Woot has items for activities like camping and hiking. As Woot updates its inventory rather frequently, you’ll find an assortment of random products for all kinds of outdoor interests.

Items for Your Household

Woot's Home and Kitchen
Check Woot every day to see the newest deals and savings on items for your home

The next time that you’re on the hunt for some new home goods, check out Woot’s sales to see what’s hot. The collection is quite varied, so you’ll find a mix of items from brands like Russell Hobbs, KitchenAid, BeautySleep, Kathy Ireland, and so many others.

You’ll find tons of home goods when you click on the Home & Kitchen tab. Here, you’ll find links to categories of products, like home d├ęcor, bedding, bath products, appliances, lighting products, plumbing products, and a wide assortment of kitchen products. It’s handy to have all of these items on the same page so that you can easily browse for new products for your home.

You can sort products by price, discount, or when they were added, in addition to seeing which items are bestsellers. By sorting your search, you’ll find the best deals on items, along with which products Woot customers are loving.

Surprisingly, you’ll also find some other random items within this category. In addition to home goods and household supplies, you’ll also find health and beauty products, toys and games, pet supplies, hobby products, baby stuff, food, vitamins and supplements, and personal care items. Within the Home & Kitchen tab, you’ll really find just about anything you need when it comes to the home.

Shirt.Woot Offers

At the top of the store’s homepage, you’ll see a tab called Shirt. When you go to this page, you’ll discover a new t-shirt design every day. These designs are created by members of the Woot community. Members can submit their drawings and designs which then get voted on in The Derby. This is where Woot members can choose their favorite submissions to be printed.

There are currently thousands of designs that you can browse. Some popular designs have slogans, popular characters, artsy prints, and parody pieces. These t-shirts are for both men and women, and shipping is included on all t-shirts.

The Woot Community

If you’re a frequent Woot shopper, there are several ways for you to get involved in the Woot Community. At the bottom of the store’s homepage, you’ll see a menu that says Community. Underneath, there are several links to some fun pages around the store.

When you click on Forums, you’ll find categories like Deal Chatter, Shenanigans, Artist Central, Everything but Woot, and Mortimer & Monte’s Info Desk. As you browse the threads in the forum, you’ll discover sales and deals, read product reviews, learn tips and tricks about Woot, and submit designs for t-shirts.

Woot also has a blog. It’s quite interesting since the current posts are written by Jeopardy‘s Ken Jennings. The series, called The Debunker, talks about a wide range of interesting topics and gets to the bottom of popular myths and beliefs. The posts aren’t related to Woot’s inventory, but they are quite fun to read.

Woot also has a large social media presence across several networks so that community members can connect and interact with the store.

Clearance Items

Woot already has amazing sales and deals on products all across the store, but to save even more you should check out the store’s sale section. Click on Clearance to discover blowout prices on all kinds of handy items in many different categories.

As you browse, you’ll find great deals on items like cheap clothing, electronics, shoes, home goods, health and beauty products, and everything in between. You won’t find a menu, but instead, you’ll see pictures of the items that are currently on sale. From there, you can click on the item to learn more about it or to add it to your cart.

Shipping & Returns

As Woot is a part of the Amazon family, Amazon Prime members can score free ground shipping on any order. Prime members can also get free Express shipping on Woot Shirt orders.

For customers who are not Amazon Prime members, there is a fee of $6 on ground shipping, $12 on 2-day shipping, and $24 on 1-day shipping. Shirt orders are also free for non-Prime members.

You can return most items to Woot within 30 days of delivery. Unused, unworn apparel and shoes with the original tags and packaging can be returned.

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