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Topshop is a British fashion brand that has more than 500 stores around the world, in addition to its online store. The original company was founded all the way back in the 1960s in London, and since then the brand has evolved to become a global fashion retailer. Topshop has chic clothing, shoes, and accessories for women, as products for men can be found at TOPMAN, a separate store.

Discover What’s New

Topshop's new items
Discover what’s new in fashion, shoes, and accessories by clicking on New In

To find the latest items trending at Topshop, click on New In on the store’s homepage. If you hover your mouse over New In, you’ll see options like New In Fashion, New In Dresses, New In Shoes, and many more. When you click on these collections, you’ll discover all of the most recent arrivals and trends the store has to offer.

When you click on these collections, you’ll see descriptions of them, including suggested items and trendy clothing for the season. This way, you can get a bit of fashion inspiration from the experts themselves.

Most of the clothing and accessories at Topshop come from the store’s own brand, but there are some items from other brands like Adidas, TOPMAN, Champion, Guess, And Finally, and Skinnydip. TOPMAN is Topshop’s sister store that offers fashionable looks for men.

Trendy Clothing for All Occasions

Topshop has tons of trendy looks for women, including clothing that’s perfect for work, going out, or simply hanging out. If you hover your mouse over Clothing on the homepage, you’ll find all of the different ways that you can browse the store’s collection.

One way that you can shop is by category. You can click on the category to discover all of the items in that collection, in addition to filters that you can apply to find items that you’re most interested in. For example, Topshop currently has 410 dresses, 260 blouses, 330 pairs of jeans, 160 pieces of lingerie, 120 pieces of swimwear, and 270 pieces of outerwear, among tons of other items.

You can also click on Shop by Fit. This shows you extended sizes, like tall and petite, to help you find clothing that is comfy and fits you just right. Also, there’s the option to Shop by Collection. These are curated collections from the Topshop editors, featuring the latest clothing for the seasons. Some popular collections include Topshop Boutique, Bestsellers, Trend: Modern Grunge, and Occasionwear.

Shoes for Women

Topshop Women's Shoes
This store has an amazing selection of trendy shoes that add to any outfit

After you’ve taken a look at Topshop’s clothing, it’s time to check out shoes. Hover your mouse over Shoes and you’ll see all of the different categories that you can browse, or you can click on Shop All Shoes to view the entire collection. Also, there are curated collections like Party Shoes, Vegan Shoes, and Wide-Fit Shoes.

No matter what the occasion is, Topshop has shoes for you since the collection ranges from casual to more sophisticated. The entire shoe collection comes from the store’s own brand. There are currently 240 pairs of women’s shoes, but the collection updates frequently for the seasons.

Some shoes that you’ll find at Topshop include more than 20 pairs of sneakers, 110 pairs of ankle boots, 20 pairs of mules, 10 pairs of loafers, and several pairs of sandals, clogs, and wedges.

Bags & Accessories for All Seasons

Click on Bags & Accessories to see all of the ways that you can polish off your outfit. Many of these items come from the store’s own brand, but there are also some pieces from brands like Skinnydip and New Era.

Some items that you’ll find in this section include 80 hats, 180 handbags, 160 pieces of jewelry, 40 scarves, 70 face masks, and 30 hair accessories, among many other items. Topshop switches up its accessories quite frequently to reflect the latest season and fashion trends. To help you find what you’re looking for, you can apply filters to search by category, price, color, size, and brand.

Topshop’s Fashion Inspiration

If you love Topshop’s style, scroll all the way to the bottom of the homepage and look and the right bottom corner. Here, you’ll find Inspiration. Under this menu, you can click on Style Magazine, Topshop Blog, or My Topshop Wardrobe.

The Magazine is Topshop’s e-magazine that’s updated every week. The magazine features fashion stories, outfit tutorials, beauty how-tos, and photo shoots that feature looks from Topshop. The Topshop blog has similar content but on a more global scale. The blog has fashion tips from around the world so that you can keep your finger on the pulse of global trends.

If you want personal fashion advice, My Topshop Wardrobe offers you personal looks that are designed around your tastes and preferences. You’ll receive hand-picked edits built around your favorite looks and pieces to help you dress to impress.

Sale & Discounts

Click on Sale to discover cheap items across Topshop. A lot of these items are drastically reduced so that you can snag a cart full of cheap clothing at a fraction of the price.

For example, the Sale section currently has 220 cheap dresses, 100 pairs of pants, 90 pairs of shoes, 380 tops, 40 pieces of lingerie, and 70 jackets and coats. Sales change frequently so that the store can update its wardrobe with the latest trends.

Another way that you can save at Topshop is by showing your student ID. If you register with Student Beans, students can save 10% on their Topshop purchases.

Shipping & Returns

Topshop has flat-rate shipping costs on orders of all amounts within the US. Standard shipping (5-7 business days) costs $9.95 and Express shipping (1-3 business days) costs $25.

You can return items within 28 days of delivery, and all refunds are processed within 10 days.

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