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Target has been a household name in America since the 1960s. This retailer has thousands of stores across the US and a massive online store that carries just about everything that you need. Whether you’re looking for affordable fashion, home goods, sports equipment, or food, Target has a little bit of everything. The appeal of this store is that you can find anything you need all under one roof.

What’s New

What's New for women at Target
Shop “What’s New” at Target to discover the latest trends in fashion, home, and beauty

Take a look at the What’s New section to discover the latest trends in fashion, home, and seasonal collections at Target. If you’d like to see what’s currently trending, click on #targetstyle. This shows posts from various social media platforms of shoppers showing off their looks made possible by Target.

Another fun way to get inspired and discover new things is Target Finds, a shopping guide full of trends, gift ideas, and seasonal favorites. You’ll find this section under the What’s New menu. Target Finds goes beyond fashion and gives you ideas for redecorating your home or workspace, in addition to great buys and deals for yourself and others.

Clothes and Shoes for All

Target carries trendy and affordable clothing, shoes, accessories, and other fashionable items for men, women, teens, children, and babies. This store carries thousands of pieces of clothing in each category, including special sizing options like plus-sized clothing, maternity clothing, and big & tall clothing.

Shopping for clothes for the whole family is easy. You’ll find 10,900 items for women, 3,700 for men, 1,100 for teens, 6,600 for kids, and 8,400 for babies. In each category, you’ll find countless pieces of workout clothing, jeans, sweaters, t-shirts, swimwear, pajamas, tops, and many other items.

Target features many different brands, like A New Day, Wild Fable, and Xhilaration. Additionally, you can shop from better-known brands like Levi’s, Wrangler, Hanes, and Speedo. Even though you can shop from recognizable brands, prices at Target are quite reasonable.

You’ll also find a wide variety of shoes and footwear, too. Target has hundreds of pairs that change for the season, including sneakers, heels, sandals, boots, flats, dress shoes, and athletic shoes.

You can shop from more than 260 pairs for women, 90 for men, 130 for girls, 90 for boys, 110 for toddlers, and 60 for babies.

For the Home

Target has all your home essentials, from cleaning products and storage to furniture and décor

Target carries thousands of products and items for the home. Some useful categories to shop from on the main menu include Household Essentials, Home, Furniture, Kitchen & Dining, and Patio & Garden

In Home Essentials, you can shop for household items like cleaning products, toilet paper, paper towels, and other necessary home items. To spruce up your living space, check out the Home section, where you’ll find hundreds of products. Some categories that you can shop include home décor, bath, bedding, furniture, arts & crafts, storage solutions, and home appliances, among many others.

To make your outdoor space just as cozy as the inside, you can browse through Target’s collection of patio furniture, outdoor accessories, garden products, and outdoor lighting. Your garden or patio will be ready for entertaining in no time!

Health & Beauty

For health and beauty products, there are 3 main categories that you can shop from on the main menu: Beauty, Personal Care, and Health. Each of these categories has thousands of products to help you look and feel like your best self.

In Beauty, you’ll find 12,100 products like makeup, skincare, hair care, and bath products. All of these products are from affordable brands like Dove, Maybelline, L’Oreal, Suave, Garnier, and so many more. On the Beauty page, you can shop by sub-categories of special interest, like Clean Beauty, Textured Hair Care, Premium Skincare, Fragrances, and others.

The Personal Care section has items for grooming and hygiene, including toiletries for shaving, oral care, men’s grooming, and bathing. This department has 3,700 items from trusted, affordable brands like Oral-B, Listerine, Dove, OGX, and Crest.

In Health, there are more than 14,000 items like vitamins and supplements, non-prescription medicines, eye care, dietary supplements, feminine hygiene products, and first-aid products. You can shop from items from brands like Band-Aid, Vital Proteins, Vicks, Tylenol, Theraflu, Kleenex, and so many others to keep your family happy and healthy.

Food & Groceries

Target Grocery and Food
Target has all your grocery essentials, including fresh produce, dairy, meat, and dry goods

You can also stock up your pantry and fridge at Target. This store has a grocery section with all of your kitchen staples and essentials. In the Grocery section, you’ll find 16,800 items that are organized by category.

The site is set up so that you can shop by clickable categories like Dairy, Meat, Produce, Deli, Pantry, Candy, and more. You can also shop for special diets like organic, vegan, paleo, gluten-free, keto, and vegetarian. Target carries hundreds of popular food brands in addition to the store’s own brand.

For special offers and cheap prices, be sure to check out the Grocery Deals section. You’ll find all kinds of promotions and offers here to help you save on your favorite foods. 

Electronics & Entertainment

Target has just about everything you need to make your home fun and relaxing. Some interesting categories to shop are Electronics, Video Games, and Music, Movies, and Books

You can shop from 26,700 electronics for the home, entertainment, or personal use. This department has items like TVs, home theater equipment, audio systems, smart home devices, and wifi routers. Target carries top electronics brands like Apple, Amazon, Sony, Samsung, Nintendo, and Beats.

For the office, you can shop for items like desktop computers, tablets, laptops, cell phones, and all the accompanying accessories. Additionally, you can purchase 3D printers, printers, and toner at Target, too.

There’s also a sub-category in this section called Electronics Deals. Here, you’ll find thousands of items on sale, including all kinds of devices.

For the gamers, Target has 2,700 video game consoles, games, and accessories to shop from. You can purchase consoles like PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X. Each of these game systems has hundreds of games to shop from.

Another fun category is Music, Movies, & Books. Here, you’ll find 30,200 music products like CDs and vinyl. This includes new music, as well as all the classics in many different genres. There are also 34,800 movies on Blu-Ray and DVD. There are many different genres to shop from, including movies for the whole family.

This store also has a massive library. It includes 326,800 books across all genres for all ages. You can pick up the latest hits or shop for your old favorites. This collection also has categories that you can shop like New York Times Best Sellers and Target Book Club Picks

Sporting Goods & Toys

Target Outdoor and Sporting Equipment
Stay fit and active with the thousands of items of sporting goods, fitness equipment, and outdoor gear available at Target

Target has thousands of items to help you stay in shape and feel like your healthiest self. In the Sports & Outdoors section, you’ll find more than 31,000 pieces of outdoor gear, sporting goods, and fitness equipment. In this section, you’ll find sub-categories like Camping & Outdoor Recreation, Bikes, Game Room, Sports Equipment, Swimming Gear, and so many more.

In Sports Equipment, you can shop from 1,800 items. This includes equipment for various sports like tennis, soccer, football, basketball, baseball, swimming, golf, and countless others. In Exercise & Fitness, you’ll find more general workout gear. You’ll find items like weights, jump ropes, yoga mats, resistance bands, and kettlebells.

Game Room has entertainment for the whole family. In this section, you can shop for board games, card games, foosball, darts, air hockey tables, and more. Whether for family fun or entertaining, there are countless fun options in this section.


Restock allows shoppers to stock up on essentials when they might not have time to make a trip to the store. It’s quite simple. Just fill your online cart with $35 or more of household, healthcare, or grocery products before 7 PM, Monday through Friday. Your order will be delivered to your door the next day. At the bottom of the Restock homepage, there are new Target Restock deals added every week.

Sales, Deals, and RedCard

Target's RedCard
Discover all the ways you can save and get access to exclusive deals with the Target RedCard

To find the best deals at Target, you can take a look at Clearance, Weekly Ad, or Top Deals. All of these sections of the store have discounted items from all different categories. You can shop for cheap clothes, shoes, and accessories, or home goods and necessities. 

To get easy access to Target’s best deals, you can download the Target app for your phone from the App Store or Google Play. This allows you to check for all the best prices when you’re on the go.

Also, there’s a membership card called RedCard, which gives you exclusive product discounts. You’ll also get 5% off your order when you use it at any Starbucks location.

Shipping & Returns

Target offers free 2-day shipping on US orders $35 or over. Same-day delivery is available for certain ZIP codes through Shipt. Online orders can also be picked up in-store.

Unopened or unused items can be returned for free within 90 days.

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