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Sonos is a US-based manufacturer of wireless speakers and home audio products. From smart speakers and home theater sets to audio components and speaker accessories, Sonos offers some amazing consumer electronics. Since its inception in 2002 by John MacFarlane, Sonos has partnered with several well-known music companies, including Pandora, iHeartRadio, Spotify, QQ Music, Amazon Music, and more.

Sonos Smart Speakers

Among the choice of Sonos audio products, you’ll discover battery-powered, weatherproof smart speakers for outdoor and indoor use, custom-made woofers, and high-performance speakers that are compact enough to sit on a bookshelf.

Sonos Audio Products
Shop for smart speakers, surround sound sets, and audio products at Sonos.

Home Theatre Sets

Enjoy a cinematic listening experience with Sonos’ home theatre options, which can be remote-controlled or voice-controlled. You’ll find smart, neat options for TV, music, and gaming with speakers designed and strategically adapted to enhance your audio and visual entertainment. Check out Sonos’ Beam, Playbar, Playbase, 5.1 Surround Set, and 3.1 Entertainment set to see all the options.

Audio Components & Accessories

The list of top-quality products offered by Sonos includes high-performance audio components and accessories to enhance your stereo experience. From amplifiers and in-ceiling sets to in-wall sets and outdoor sets, Sonos offers some of the most versatile audio components on the market. Accessories include speaker stands, mounts, cables, chargers, and portable bags.

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Returns are accepted within 100 days of the delivery date.

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