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PacSun is the perfect online store for teenagers and adults that want to buy Californian fashion clothing.

At their about us section on the website, they write: “PacSun is dedicated to delivering an exclusive collection of the most relevant brands and styles to a community of inspired youth. Curated in Los Angeles.” 

Clothes and Shoes for Men and Women

In total there are close to 4.000 different items for men at this store, including clothing, shoes and accessories. For women, the number exceeds 4.000.

Well Known Brands

You will find items from popular brands such as Adidas, Brixton, Champion, Converse, Dr. Martens, FOG, Guess, Huf, Hurley, Kappa, Modern Amusement, New Balance, Obey, PacSun, Playboy, Polo Ralph Lauren, PS Basics, Reebok, Rothco, RVCA, The North Face, Tommy Jeans, Vans, Young & Reckless, and many more at PacSun.

The Selection for Men

PacSun best selling hoodies for men
Some of the best selling hoodies for men at PacSun. To the left is a list of brands they offer.

As this is a California fashion store it’s no wonder that one of the main categories is t-shirts. In total there are over 1.300 graphic tees here, as well as over 200 basic tees. The basic tees are priced from $14.95 to $42.95 for the most expensive product which is a 3-pack. The graphic tees start at $14 and go all the way up to $65 for the most expensive one.

Another top category of men’s clothes are hoodies with a selection of over 300 different ones. The hoodies are made by popular brands like Adidas, Billabong, Champion, Quiksilver and many many more.

When it comes to jeans, this store offers about 140 different ones for men. Most of these are of PacSun’s own brand while some are Levi’s and a handful of other brands. Prices for these jeans start at $49.95 with free shipping and free returns.

The Selection for Women

For women, the main category seems to be clothing tops. This category features over 1.200 products. Again, top brands like Adidas, Champion, Vans, and many more.

The category of dresses and rompers contains over 400 products, including casual dresses, party dresses, mini dresses, t-shirt dresses and more.

The jeans category for women features about 200 different ones. Mostly of PacSun’s own brand. Prices start at $42.95.

Brand Name Swimwear

PacSun most expensive shorts
You’ll find a good selection fo swimwear both for men and women here. These are three of the most expensive shorts for men priced at $75.

The selection of brand name swimwear is good. For men, there are 230 boardshorts and swim trunks by brands like Vans, Billabong, Hurley, and many more. The least expensive swim trunks for men are $29.95 and are PacSun’s own brand. The most expensive shorts have got some really vivid designs and are priced at $75.

For women, the selection counts about 700 in total. This includes 300 bikini tops, 300 bikini bottoms, 60 swimsuits and one-pieces, and 50 cover-ups. Prices start at $22.95 for the least expensive swimwear piece.

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