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Nelly is an online fashion retailer whose target demographic is women between 18 and 35. This store carries more than 700 brands, including big names in fashion like Marc Jacobs, Calvin Klein Jeans, UGG, and Love Moschino, just to name a few. This store aims to deliver trendy, inclusive clothing and accessories for all women who are interested in fashion.

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Nelly New Fashion
Nelly gets in 300 new items every day so there’s always new fashion to discover

If you love to discover what’s new and trending in fashion, Nelly is the place for you. This store carries 700 different brands and receives more than 300 new products every day, so you’ll constantly have a new variety of clothing, shoes, and accessories to shop from.

To start shopping, click on New Fashion to see all of the latest pieces to arrive at Nelly. From there, you can click on the category that you would like to view. There are hundreds of items, so you can filter by category, color, brand, size, and price.

Another cool way to shop at Nelly is by clicking on Top List. Here, you’ll find some of Nelly’s most popular items that are trending with shoppers. There are tons of pieces to discover that range from casual to chic so that you can find clothing for just about any occasion.

Lastly, you can click on Brands at the top of the homepage to see all of the labels featured at this store. This store has a nice selection of designer brands, including The Marc Jacobs, MICHAEL Michael Kors, Love Moschino, and Calvin Klein Jeans. Nelly also has many items from its own brand, NLYbyNelly, which has several different collections.

Chic Clothing for Women

Nelly has 7,700 pieces of women’s clothing that keeps up with the latest trends since the collection is updated daily. This store’s style aims to keep up with what’s popular in fashion. Because of this, Nelly has items that range from super casual to chic and elegant. This way, you’re sure to find something that fits your style.

When you see the store’s clothing collection, you can click on categories or add filters to better refine your search. You can shop by brand, color, size, price, or category to find items that you’ll love.

Currently, Nelly has more than 1,200 tops, 1,100 dresses, 910 pairs of pants, 440 pieces of lingerie, 420 pieces of swimwear, and 850 pieces of outerwear. The store’s collection reflects the seasons, but you can find a nice variety of outfits to get ahead on the next fashion season.

Shoes, Accessories, and More

Of course, Nelly has everything that you need to complete your look. Under the Shop menu, you’ll find links to shoes, accessories, and beauty products.

Right now, this store has nearly 650 pairs of shoes from brands like Converse, Fila, Nike, Vans, Puma, and UGG, just to name a few. This includes favorite styles like 230 pairs of sneakers, 200 pairs of boots, 140 pairs of heels, and 120 pairs of flats, just to name a few. What’s more is that this selection is casual at heart but has just enough elegance so that you can easily change up your look depending on the occasion.

After you’ve selected your footwear, it’s time to accessorize. Under the Accessories menu, you’ll find nearly 980 items from some of your favorite items across the store. Looking for the perfect handbag? Nelly has 420 bags, including styles like shoulder bags, clutches, fanny packs, and backpacks.

Maybe you need some jewelry? Add a sparkly touch to your outfit with a piece of fashion jewelry, of which Nelly has 220. This includes 110 pairs of earrings, 40 bracelets, 30 rings, and 30 necklaces that are chic but still fun and affordable. Some other accessories that you might enjoy include 50 belts, 20 hats, and several scarves, gloves, sunglasses, and watches.


Nelly Instashop
Show off your looks from Nelly by tagging the store in your Instagram photos

Do you dream of being an Instagram influencer? Make your dream come true simply by shopping at Nelly! Click on Instashop at the top of the store’s homepage where you’ll see pics that shoppers have taken while wearing their purchases from the store.

After you shop, try on your outfit and tag @nellycom. This way, you might be featured on Nelly’s Instashop page. Each picture that is featured lets you see the details of the influencer, along with the pieces of clothing in the picture. This way, you can shop the look directly from the Instagram picture. These pictures are updated frequently since Nelly has so many shoppers that can’t wait to show off their looks.


To find the best deals available at Nelly, click on Sale at the top of the homepage. Here you’ll find tons of savings on clothing, shoes, and accessories from your favorite brands across the store.

At the top of the Sale section, you’ll see different categories that you can click on to discover cheap women’s clothing in styles that you’ll love. There are more than 5,600 pieces that are currently at blowout prices, including 750 dresses, 440 tops, 530 pairs of pants, and 50 swimsuits.

This includes great deals on women’s shoes, handbags, hats, jewelry, watches, and sunglasses that can help add the perfect touch to your outfit at the most affordable prices.

Shipping & Returns

Nelly offers standard delivery (3-7 business days) Monday through Friday. There is a flat rate of $22.95 per order and delivery is through UPS.

Returns can be made within 14 days of receiving your order.

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