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NA-KD is a popular European online retailer with more than 3 million followers on Instagram. This company was founded in Sweden in 2015 and is among Europe’s top 20 fastest-growing companies. The store has its own clothing brands, in addition to featuring popular fashion brands like Mango, Calvin Klein, and Levi’s.

New Arrivals & Most Wanted

NA-KD New Arrivals
Check out the New Arrivals section at NA-KD to discover the latest fashion and trends

It’s always fun to be the first on the latest fashion trends.  Click on New Arrivals to discover everything that’s new at NA-KD. Here, you’ll discover the latest clothing, shoes, and accessories to hit the store. You’ll first see the entire collection of new products, but you can filter down your search to find items that you’re most interested in.

Another interesting way to shop at NA-KD is by checking out the Most Wanted category. These are items that other shoppers just can’t get enough of. If you find something that you like, you can click the heart icon on the product’s photo to save it to your list. That way, you can contribute to the most wanted items.


At NA-KD, you’ll find popular fashion brands like Mango, Calvin Klein, Levi’s, Champion, Fila, Ray-Ban, and Tommy Hilfiger. You can also shop the NA-KD brand itself. This brand has several different collections, including collaborations with other brands like Nadine Klein, Manon Tilstra, and Kae Sutherland.

Trendy Women’s Clothing

NA-KD has a chic collection of women’s clothing that’s always on top of the latest trends. If you hover your mouse over Browse Products, you’ll find a drop-down menu of all the different categories that you can shop from. In addition to categories, you’ll also find curated collections, like Reborn Collection, Party Collections, and Influencer Collections.

This store has nearly 14,000 items in its collection. This includes 3,400 tops, 700 pairs of pants, 2,100 dresses, 890 pieces of swimwear, 370 pieces of lingerie, and 400 pieces of outerwear. To find items to your liking, you can filter your search by popularity, brand, price, size, and color, in addition to category.

If you find something that you like, you can click on it to learn more details. You’ll see all of the colors and sizes that the piece is available in, in addition to details about the material. What’s more, you’ll find several photos of the item being worn in different ways on the model so you can get a clear idea of what it looks like before you commit to buying.

Shoes, Bags, and Finishing Touches

NA-KD Shoes & Bags
To help complete your outfit, NA-KD has an excellent selection of chic bags, shoes, and accessories

No look is complete without the right shoes and accessories, and NA-KD has a wide variety of both. To get starting on the finishing touches for your outfit, click on Accessories under Browse Products. Here, you’ll find 320 pieces of jewelry, 70 pairs of sunglasses, 100 hats, 90 belts, 70 scarves, and 20 face masks. The great thing about this collection is that these accessories range from casual to more elegant, so you can add touches to any kind of outfit.

Next, click on the Shoes & Bags tab. Here, you’ll find nearly 270 handbags that are super trendy but definitely affordable. This collection has 160 shoulder bags, 80 handbags, 30 totes, 30 mini bags, 10 clutches, and several other styles you’re sure to love. A cool way that you can sort these bags is by popularity so that you can get a good idea of what other NA-KD shoppers are loving.

This store also has 450 pairs of women’s shoes from brands like Birkenstock, Fila, Champion, Havaianas, and Calvin Klein, in addition to NA-KD’s own collections. These shoes are quite trendy, so you’ll find the perfect pair for going out, work, or just hanging out. This includes 130 pairs of boots, 90 pairs of sneakers, 120 pairs of sandals, 50 pairs of heels, and 80 pairs of slip-ons.

Shop Instagram

At the top of NA-KD’s homepage, click on Shop Instagram to discover fashion inspiration from fellow shoppers. On this page, you’ll find photos of NA-KD shoppers wearing their latest purchases and looks from the store.

Do you want to be featured on NA-KD’s page? The next time you shop, take an Instagram-worthy shot of yourself wearing your goodies and tag the store (@nakdfashion) and use the hashtag #beNAKD and you may selected to be featured on the site. Each week, 10 of these featured customers win new outfits!


Click on Sale at the top of the store’s homepage to discover savings of up to 70% off the original price. There are sales on items all across the store, but some of the biggest savings can be found in the store’s seasonal sales. Here, you’ll find items that are on their way out, so the prices have been greatly reduced.

Start shopping for cheap clothing by checking out all of the categories and curated collections on the left side of the page. No matter what look you’re going for, there are tons of categories that range from casual to chic for you to browse.

Currently, there are more than 4,300 pieces of cheap women’s clothing from some of the store’s best brands. As you browse, you’ll find 1,100 dresses, 270 pieces of swimwear, 780 tops, and 150 pairs of pants, among tons of other trendy pieces.

Of course, you’ll also find great deals on accessories like bags, sunglasses, jewelry, hats, scarves, belts, shoes, and more.

Shipping & Returns

NA-KD offers free shipping (8-10 business days) that is climate-compensated and follows protocols to eliminate carbon emissions.

This store offers free refunds and returns. You can return items that are in their original condition within 90 days of delivery. These items should not be washed, used, or altered in any way.

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