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The main categories of products at Monoprice are electronic accessories like all kinds of HDMI and ethernet cables, data cables, video cables, USB and lightning cables, power cords, audio cables, networking switches, adapters, splitters, and many more categories of products like that.

Monoprice cables
If you need cables you’ll likely find what you need at this popular store.

They also have a decent selection of electronics like headphones, 3D printers, speakers, amplifiers, projector screens, computers, smart home products, and more.

All Kinds of Cables

The selection of cables for electronics at Monoprice is huge.

For instance, they’ve got over 40 HDMI cables with lengths up to 225 ft in 10 different colors. And it seems they are all from their own brand.

Audio & Video Products

Monoprice also sells its own branded audio products called Monolith. The Monolith series consists of high-end products like headphones, amplifiers, speakers, subwoofers, racks, and stands.

Prices are reasonable though, with their largest speakers costing only $999.

3D Printers

An interesting product category at Monoprice is the 3D Printer category. This currently features close to 50 printers and a lot of accessories.

The cheapest printer, which is a mini printer, costs only $99. And the most expensive is $1,299. The printers are also from their own brand.

Easy Product Finder

The exact cables and adapters you need can be difficult to pinpoint when you have so many options staring back at you from a screen. To help with that, the Monoprice site has a Product Finder button on the home page menu. Currently, they have 3 categories – Wallmount Finder, Cable Finder & Adapter Finder.

Simply click Explore, answer a few questions to help narrow your search, and the site will automatically filter results for you.

Shipping & Returns

Shipping costs at Monoprice apply to all items and are calculated by the weight of your product.

Returns on Monoprice branded products are accepted within 30 days of delivery. Returns on 3rd party non-Monoprice products are accepted within 14 days of delivery.

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