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Established in 1979 in Columbus (Ohio), Micro Center is known as one of the leading retailers for electronics like computers in the US. It operates more than twenty-five large retail stores in major markets across the country. And it also operated a popular online store. That is the one we will be looking at in this article.

The product selection of their online store is not the best as many of the items are available for in-store pickup only.

Selection of Cheap Computers

At the very top of their navigation menu is a link to their refurbished computers and other electronics. Here you will find lots of cheap computers. At the time of writing this, the cheapest desktops start at about $130. There are plenty of different ones below $200. The hardware looks decent like 8 GB of ram and SSD disks.

The selection of refurbished laptops is not as good but they’ve got a few.

The cheapest laptops are new and start at $220. They’ve got quite a few models under $500.

Gaming Computers

They’ve also got a few relatively cheap gaming computers and non-cheap gaming computers as well for that sake, in their online store. In total there are just 7 different gaming desktops here. The cheapest one is priced just under $1,000 while the most expensive one is just under $1,500. So no really high-end models.

As for gaming laptops they’ve got 10 different models available online at the time of writing this. These are priced between $600 and $3,200 – so a little more breadth of price ranges.

Monitor Selection

There are 31 monitors starting at just $50 for the cheapest one. Several models are priced at $70, but you will need to pay $110 for a full HD monitor.

Most of their highest-end monitors are about $300 but they’ve got a few more expensive options as well.

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