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10% Popularity in the US

MatchesFashion is a hugely popular online store that sells designer fashion for affluent men and women. Clothing, shoes, bags, accessories, and home goods are their top-level categories.

UK store: This store is shipping worldwide but it has its storage facility in London and you’ll get your orders the quickest if you’re in the UK or somewhere close. However, they do ship worldwide. Here is some info from their website: “In order to assist customers, in Australia, Bahrain, Canada, Japan, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Switzerland, UAE, USA and Qatar, items are shipped on a DDP (delivery duty paid) basis and all prices shown include the relevant import taxes and duties (where the individual product or total order value is over the relevant country duty threshold).

Top Designer Brands

Brand spotlight at MatchesFashion
Each of the brands/designers at MatchesFashion has a brand page with information and a subscription feature.

Their selection of high-end designer brand products is great. For instance, they’ve got over 1,100 Gucci products for women at the time of writing this. And for men, they’ve got about 800.

Selection for some of the other brands:

  • Valentino – 400 for women, 220 for men
  • Balenciaga – 300 for women, 200 for men
  • Saint Laurent – 400 for women, 200 for men
  • Fendi – 300 for women, 140 for men
  • Dolce & Gabbana – 300 for women, 150 for men
  • Givenchy – 200 for women, 200 for men

The Latest Fashion Trends

When shopping for the latest fashion you should take a look at the Just In section. There are over 5,000 products just in the last month for women at the time of writing this. This indicates that this store has a huge influx of inventory to always stay on top of the latest trends.

The Huge Section of Discounted Designer Fashion

There is a huge amount of products in the sales section. This is one of the stores I’d check for cheaper designer clothes and handbags. At the moment they’ve got 500 bags for women on sale and 20 bags for men on sale.

Over 17,000 items for women and 3,000 items for men are discounted at this time. Some really nice discounts as well. 3,000 products for women and 100 products for men are listed at 70% off.

You’ll also find lots of products with discounts between 30% and 60% here as well.

Interviews and Content

As with the rest of the site, the content is divided for men and women.

The Stories are accessible via the top navigation menu and combines written content like interviews with large photos and product listings intertwined. I believe these articles can be great for inspiration and just for checking out what’s moving in the exclusive world of top designers.

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