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Lulu and Georgia is an online store where you’ll find trendy décor and furniture for your home. The brand prides itself on staying on top of what’s happening in the industry so it can bring you the best of modern furniture and home goods.

This L.A.-based design retailer’s team of buyers and designers travel the world to find the best vintage and modern pieces. This is the ultimate store for those who love home design and expressing their style through décor and want to bring their dream home to life.

Furniture, Décor, & So Much More

Lulu and Georgia Furniture
Shopping by room at Lulu and Georgia makes it easy to find all of the best looks for your home

Lulu and Georgia can help bring your Pinterest board to life with its stunning collection of furniture and décor. This store gathers inspiration from around the world to bring you unique looks that you won’t find anywhere else. Modern? Vintage? Lulu and Georgia does both. No matter what your style is, this store is sure to have just what you’re looking for.

On the store’s homepage, you’ll see tabs for all of the different categories that you can shop. This way, you can easily browse for items you’re interested in. If you hover your mouse over a category, a drop-down menu appears to show you more specific sub-categories by style, material, or room.

Interested in rugs, for example? Hover your mouse over the drop-down menu and you’ll see categories like Collections, Trending Now, Features, Design, and Material. These categories make it easy to find the items that best suit your style.

Lulu and Georgia has a large selection of products. Some items that you’ll find include more than 1,000 pieces of furniture, 810 pieces of décor, 430 lighting products, 110 bedding products, 70 bath products, and 290 pieces of wall art. Additionally, this store also has a variety of around 190 outdoor products so that you can bring your outdoor space to life.

Shop by Room

When shopping at Lulu and Georgia, one interesting way that you can shop is by room. It’s a great way to see products with a similar style and how to style them. Simply click on Shop by Room at the top of the store’s homepage and you’ll see collections like Living Room, Bedroom, Dining Room, and Bathroom, among others.

Once you have chosen a room, for example, Living Room, you’ll see smaller subcategories of looks that you can shop. Some current collections include Home for the Holidays, Cozy California, Tailored Neutrals, and Textured Layers. Click on a collection that piques your interest and you’ll see beautiful photos of items in that style that go together well. You can shop these products and put them in your cart directly from here.

Shopping by room is a great way to get some design inspiration for your home. You’ll find everything that you need at Lulu and George to give any room of your house a brand-new look.


Lulu and Georgia Stories
Check out the Stories section of Lulu and Georgia to get some design inspiration and advice from the experts

Looking for design advice from the experts? Interesting interviews with professional designers? Click on Stories at the top of the store’s homepage to get the scoop. This section of Lulu and Georgia’s page is like the store’s blog where you can find all kinds of cool content.

In Stories, you’ll find 5 categories: Interviews, Home Tours, Behind the Scenes, Design Advice, and Entertaining. Click on a category that you’re interested in and you’llc discover countless photo spreads of products that you can find at Lulu and Georgia.

Here, you’ll not only get design inspiration, but advice from the experts themselves on a number of topics. Need some help planning your next dinner party? Discover tasty recipes in Entertaining. Want take a sneak peek at the inside of designer homes? Check out Home Tours. There’s so much to discover here as there’s such a variety of content.

Sale & Offers

To discover the latest deals at Lulu and Georgia, scroll to the very bottom of the page and click on Offers. These are limited time offers that change frequently, so you have to catch them while they’re hot. However, it is important to note that these temporary offers can’t be combined with any other disounts or promotions.

Another way to save is by clicking on Sale at the top of the store’s homepage. Currently, there are 41 cheap home goods available, like rugs, décor, wall art, and furniture. Next to each item, you’ll see the original price and the sale price so that you can see exactly how much you can save. Addtionally, the discount off is marked. Many items in the Sale section are marked up to 50% off the original price.

Shipping  Returns

Lulu and Georgia calculates the cost of shipping upon checkout. Orders take 3-7 business days to arrive. Unused, Unwashed items with their original tags and packaging can be returned within 60 days of purchase.

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