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99% Popularity in the US

When it comes to supermarkets in America, Kroger is at the top of the list. This company is the second-largest retailer in the country and the largest supermarket chain when it comes to sales. Since the first Kroger opened its doors in 1883, this chain has expanded to include 2,750 multi-department supermarkets.

The store’s motto, Fresh for Everyone, reflects the belief that healthy, nutritious food should be available for all. In addition to a wide selection of groceries, Kroger also has a variety of health and beauty products, personal care products, and household items.

Kroger’s Mission

Kroger Motto & Logo
Kroger, America’s largest supermarket chain, is on a mission to reduce waste and bring fresh food to the masses

In recent years, Kroger has re-branded to reflect the company’s mission: Fresh for Everyone. This company believes that every person should have access to fresh, nourishing food at affordable prices.

To help achieve this goal, Kroger has developed a plan called Zero Hunger Zero Waste. This plan aims to reduce the amount of waste in Kroger stores across the country by 2025, in addition to creating funding to help donate 2 billion meals at the same time. Not only does this plan help fight against climate change, but it also helps to feed millions of Americans in need.

Wide Variety of Fresh Food

Fresh Seafood from Kroger
Kroger has a wide variety of fresh, healthy food for your family

Kroger has a large selection of groceries and food across many different departments that you can shop from. You’ll find more than 720 varieties of fresh fruits and veggies that vary by season, including organic options. This store also has hundreds of other fresh items, like meat, seafood, dairy, eggs, and deli products.

In addition to fresh items, you can stock up your pantry with all of the necessary staples, too. This includes rice, pasta, canned goods, beans, sauces, snacks, and packaged meals. Here you can find many products from the store’s own brand, or you can shop from your favorite brands like Kraft, Kellogg’s, Heinz, Frito-Lay, and Nature’s Own.

Get fresh-baked bread, cakes, pies, donuts, and other treats from the Kroger bakery. Every day, the bakery puts out a nice selection of baked goods that are perfect for parties, special events, or simply for a tasty treat.

Household Items and Seasonal Collections

While Kroger has thousands of food products to shop from, this store also has a large selection of household products and goods. For example, you’ll find a wide variety of cleaning products, like 140 laundry detergents, 260 cleaning supplies, 240 dishwashing products, and 40 toilet papers.

One interesting section of the site to check out is the seasonal collections. From the main drop-down menu, the first items that are listed are collections that change depending on the time of year and upcoming holidays. For example, you can currently shop from School Essentials and Summer Shop. This way, you’ll find related products that will help make your summer or back-to-school shopping a breeze.

Pharmacy, Beauty, & Health

Krogerr Health & Beauty
Kroger’s Health & Beauty section has thousands of products to help your family look and feel your best

Kroger has a fully-stocked pharmacy to make getting your prescriptions easy. If you create an account at Kroger, you can get your prescriptions filled in the store’s pharmacy. By creating an account you can manage or refill prescriptions, set up notifications, and view and print records. You can also get personalized health advice from experts, complete with dietitian-approved recipes on the pharmacy site.

This store also has tons of options when it comes to personal care and beauty products. You’ll find 12,500 vitamins and supplements, 670 hair care products, 220 bath products, 370 oral care products, and so much more.

Adventure Kids Camp

Looking for an interesting way to entertain your children during the summer or while they’re home from school? Check out Kroger’s Adventure Kids Camp! Each week this online summer camp has a new theme that incorporates learning about new places, making arts and crafts, and learning simple, kid-friendly recipes. All of these activities can be accessed from the main menu on the Kroger site, and are completely free.

Digital Coupons, Ads, & Ways to Save

Kroger's Savings & Deals
Kroger has so many ways to save money while you shop, including rewards, coupons, and weekly promotions

Everyone loves to save money, and Kroger knows that. Because of this, the Kroger site has different ways for you to save while shopping. One way you can save money is by checking out Kroger’s weekly ads. Click on the Weekly Ads menu and put in your zip code to see all the best offers in your area.

When you shop online, you can also click on Digital Coupons and find Kroger’s online details. When you browse the digital coupons, you can “clip” them and the coupon will be applied to your purchase upon checkout.

Kroger also has store cards that let you earn rewards every time you shop. The Kroger credit card lets you earn rewards like free groceries, and the Kroger debit card lets you earn other rewards every time you use it to pay for your groceries.

There’s also a Mix & Match deal where you buy 5 or more select items and save $1 on each item. You can stock up on 5 items and save $5 on participating items while using your Kroger Plus shopper’s card.

Shipping & Returns

As Kroger offers a delivery service to customers, the cost of shipping and delivery is calculated upon checkout. 

Eligible items with a receipt can be returned within 14 days of purchase. 

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