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Forever 21 is a fast-fashion brand that offers affordable clothing and accessories to men, women, and girls. This store first opened in 1984 and now currently has more than 700 physical stores, in addition to its online store. Forever 21’s headquarters are in Los Angeles, with stores in North and South America, The UK, Asia, and the Middle East.

Shop New Arrivals

Forever 21 New Arrivals
Check out New Arrivals at Forever 21 to discover the latest fashion and accessories to hit the store

On the Forever 21 homepage, you’ll notice tabs for Women, Men, Plus + Curve, and Girls. When you hover your mouse over these tabs, you’ll find that the first option to browse is New Arrivals. This shows you the latest products to arrive at the store, including clothing, accessories, shoes, and more. Forever 21 features items from its own brand, as this store creates fashion that is exclusive to its stores.

When you click on New Arrivals, you’ll notice that on the left side of the page there are filters and categories that you can click on. Most importantly, you’ll see the Trending Now menu. Under this menu, you’ll see collections of items that are currently customer favorites. Some categories in New Arrivals that you’ll want to check out include Best Sellers, The Basics Shop, and Forever 21 x Barbie Collection.

Clothes for Women, Men, & Girls

Forever 21 has a great selection of trendy clothing that changes with the seasons and is updated frequently. You’ll find 6,300 items for women, 660 for men, and 230 for girls. When you browse Forever 21’s clothing, you’ll notice that there are many different ways that you can filter your search.

In addition to the typical ways to filter, like size, price, and category, you’ll notice that there are many different curated collections that you can click on. This way, you’ll find items that are similar or unique to trends or the season. For example, some collections that are quite popular include Cute + Cozy, Sweaters $25 and Under, and The Denim Fit Guide.

The great thing about this store is that you’ll find fashion for all occasions. The store’s collection includes more sophisticated looks for work, comfy clothing for day-to-day, and chic clothing for nights out or special events. For women, Forever 21 has items like 2,800 tops, 970 dresses, 300 pieces of lingerie, and 310 pairs of jeans. Additionally, Forever 21 has a nice selection of plus-sized clothing.

Finish Off Your Outfit

After browsing the store’s clothing collection, you can then discover all of the different ways that you can finish off your outfit at Forever 21. This store has an amazing collection of accessories, shoes, and handbags in many different styles to go with any outfit.

Under the Accessories menu, you’ll find separate categories for each kind of product. If you click on Shoes, for example, you’ll find more than 1,000 pairs for women that you can sort and filter in a number of ways. and just like clothing, shoes are divided into curated collections to make finding products that you like easy.

Forever 21 also has a number of other great accessories, like 700 pieces of jewelry, 110 hats, 140 belts, and 90 scarves and gloves. If you’re looking for the perfect bag, there are more than 160 in many different styles and colors. Some popular styles include satchels, crossbody bags, shoulder bags, backpacks, and belt bags.

Health & Beauty Products by Riley Rose

Forever 21 Beauty
Forever 21 has a great selection of health and beauty products at great prices

Forever 21 has a great selection of beauty products from the beauty brand Riley Rose. This collection has a mix of fun cosmetics and products to help you change up your look. And in line with the store’s fashion, everything is youthful and reasonably priced.

From the store’s homepage, click on Beauty by Riley Rose to see Forever 21’s complete collection of health and beauty products. There are 3 categories that you’ll find on the drop-down menu: Hair, Skincare, and Makeup. Additionally, you’ll find categories like Best Sellers, New Arrivals, and The Gift Shop.

Forever 21 has tons of products to help you experiment with your look. This collection includes 710 makeup products, 210 skincare products, and 270 hair products, all from the Riley Rose brand. You’ll notice that many products have some sparkle or a pop of color to give you a fresh, fun look.

Sales & Special Offers

Even though everything at Forever 21 is quite affordable, the best deals are in the store’s Sale section. Hover your mouse over Sale and you’ll see all of the different ways that you can shop in this section. For example, you can click on Women’s, Accessories, Plus, Men’s, and Girls. Also, there are categories like Shop $20 & Under, Shop $5 & Under, and The Final Few: 60% Off.

Forever 21 slashes the prices on tons of items across the store. Currently, there are more than 4,200 pieces of cheap women’s clothing, 240 pieces of men’s clothing, 930 plus-sized items, and 60 pieces of girls’ clothing. Additionally, there are more than 710 cheap accessories in the Sale section.

Prices in the Sale section are so low that there are nearly 40 products that cost $5 or less!

Shipping & Returns

Forever 21 offers free standard shipping (1-7 business days) on orders that are $50 or more in the contiguous US. Orders that are less than $50 have a shipping fee of $5.95. Express delivery (2-3 business days) costs $12.95and next-day delivery costs $24.95 for orders up to $75. Orders over $75 have a next-day shipping fee of $18.95.

Unworn, unused items with the original packaging and tags attached can be returned up to 60 days after purchase. All returns must be sent back with the original packing slip and documents.

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