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“We believe we can all make a difference.” This is the first thing you’ll read in the “About” section on Everlane’s site. This company wants everyone to feel appreciated and treated fairly, everyone from the creator, to the workers, to the consumers.

Because of this, Everlane gives you insight as to how much every item actually costs, from the materials, hardware, labor, right down to the transport. They put the costs together, so you as the consumer can see the true cost for what you’re paying for. Each item shows two prices: the Everlane price and what a traditional retailer would normally charge.


Ethical clothing from the finest materials by Everlane.
Shop ethically and responsibly when you shop Everlane

Everlane’s policy of “Radical Transparency” allows the customer to learn more about each factory that items are sourced from. This information can be found under the “Factories” section, where you will see a map displaying them. When you click on a factory you can see how many employees work there, when the factory was established, along with photos of the factory and its workers. Everlane really gives you an insight and truly wants their consumer to be a part of this way of shopping in a much more conscious way.

For Men and Women

Everlane promises quality pieces that are made to last for both men and women. Each item is meant to be worn for years to come, not just for the latest trend or season. The company’s vision is to be sustainable, reasonable, and to provide products that are made with good intentions. This is true not only for the consumers and the workers but also for the earth.


You’ll get free economy shipping on your first order to anywhere in the US, no matter the value of your order. After your first order, you’ll get free shipping on orders with two or more items in them. Economy shipping takes 4-7 business days to arrive.

If you want your items the next day, a fee of $25 is applied to your order. Express shipping (2-3 business days) has a charge of $14.95-$19.95 depending on the weight of the package and the shipment location.

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