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Etsy is a marketplace site for individual sellers with a focus on handmade, custom & vintage products. You can shop for jewelry, clothing, shoes, home decor, party supplies, books, musical instruments, collectibles, and craft supplies. Prices are very reasonable on Etsy, and you’ll find a lot of really talented craftspeople. 

Notice: Make sure you trust the seller before placing a large order here as this is not a standard online store. There are reports about sellers selling fake products. You can read more about it here

Etsy info
Etsy is one of the world’s most popular websites. You’ll find a huge selection of handmade products from independent craftspeople here.

Choose your Country

If you select your country right away, you’ll make sure you’re looking at products that are available to be shipped to your location.

Gift Shopping

Many of the unique & beautiful products at this store make for great gifts, with prices that are suitable for all wallets. It’s a great place to buy cheap gifts, as well as more expensive ones. And you can also ask for your purchased gifts to be wrapped before they are sent directly to the lucky person. 

Etsy does have a section called Gift Ideas, but there are only a few gifts listed, and they are not amongst the cheapest gifts you can find on this site. If you browse the site instead, and choose a category, like for instance clothes, and then filter your search results to show only items that can be gift wrapped, you’ll get a much larger selection to choose from. Or for example, you can also filter to show only items that can be customized.

You can also buy gift cards at Etsy.

Many Categories with Lots of Products

At Etsy, there’s a wide selection of different categories, including the following:

  • Jewelry & Accessories with over 12.9 million products.
  • Clothing & Shoes, with over 6.7 million products.
  • Home & Living, with over 10.9 million products, including home decor, rugs, furniture, and more.
  • Wedding & Party, with over 5.4 million products.
  • Toys & Entertainment, with over 3.4 million products.
  • Art & Collectibles, with over 6.4 million products.
  • Craft Supplies & Tools, with over 9.3 million products.
  • Vintage with over 7.1 million products.

Browsing Etsy

Etsy dress filters
These are the available filters when browsing dresses at Etsy.

This site is a real pleasure to browse. It’s translated into many different languages and shows prices in lots of local currencies.

After selecting a category you can filter the results to suit your search. You can, for example, choose to only show products with free shipping, products that are on sale, or filter by price, color, and shop location. For instance, if you live in Asia and would like your order shipped from nearby you can set the location filter to Asia. 

However, what I do not like when browsing Etsy, is all the ads that appear in the content. Admittedly, they are all ads for other products which are for sale on Etsy, nevertheless, it does clutter the search results with less relevant products.

Jewelry Selection

There are over 11 million jewelry items for sale on Etsy based on a wide range of prices. You’ll find close to 900,000 gold jewelry items priced from under $10 to over $50,000 for the most expensive high-end jewelry. You’ll also find jewelry made with rose gold, silver, wood, leather, plastic, and even more specific styles like hip-hop jewelry.

Custom Jewelry

You can shop for customized jewelry pieces on Etsy too by first selecting the category All Jewelry under Jewelry & Accessories (Or you can be more specific and search for necklaces, earrings, or bracelets.) From here, you’ll be able to select only items that can be personalized in the filter menu on the left side of the page.

You’ll find everything from monogram necklaces and birthstone rings to personalized initial necklaces. 

There are close to 1.2 million jewelry products that can be customized and shipped to the USA on Etsy. Prices range from just under a dollar for the cheapest items to over $50.000 for some really amazing pieces.

Some of the highest-rated customizable jewelry items at Etsy.

Selling on Etsy

If you’d like to sell your own handcrafted products, or your vintage clothes, or collectibles, then Etsy is a great site to start your own Shop. It’s a fun and creative space with over 33 million customers around the world looking for unique products just like yours.

However, there are some rules to selling on Etsy, so make sure you are fully informed before you begin. For example, your first item can only be listed for $0.20, and there is a 5% transaction fee and a payment processing fee.

It’s helpful to download the Etsy app to help you manage orders, edit listings, and respond to buyers instantly. And If there’s anything you need help with, you can reach out to Etsy specialists at any time, or you can read tips in the seller’s handbook.

Shipping & Returns

Shipping costs depend on your location and the location of the shop you are buying from. 

Returns also depend on each shop’s policy.

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