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At COS, you can shop pretty cheap designer clothes for the whole family. Their design ethos is: “Every piece is made to last beyond the season. Essentials for the modern wardrobe, underpinned by timeless craftsmanship”.

From the beginning, COS has had sustainability in mind. They want their clothes to last for a long time so you can wear the same piece 10 years from now. They do not focus on passing fashion trends, but instead, they focus on creating an enduring style.

According to website traffic statistics, this online store is hugely popular.

The Clothing Selection

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Shop modern, functional and considered design at COS.

You will find most kinds of clothes here, both for men and women.

They do also sell kids and baby clothing as well.

At the moment of writing this, the selection of dresses for women, which I believe is one of their main categories, counts over 110 different pieces. You can filter by color, size, style, and fabric.

Prices of these dresses range from $59 to $490.

Other categories of clothes for women are sweaters & knits, coats & jackets, pants, tops, t-shirts, shirts, skirts, jeans, and many more.

For men, the selection of sweaters & knits, which I believe is the main clothing category for men, counts close to 70 different pieces. These are priced between $59 and $250.

Again, you can filter by color, size, style, and fabric.

Designer Clothes for Kids and Babies

The kid’s section is for children aged 1-10 years old. The selection in this section is currently over 80 different clothes priced from $9 to $115. Many of the pieces are made with organic cotton.

The baby section is for 2-12 months old infants and consists of about 25 different clothes. These are priced from $19 to $89. Many of these clothes are also made with organic cotton.

You can also find online-exclusive products for kids here, so shopping online is definitely a good choice when buying at COS products.

Bags, Purses, Jewelry

This brand also makes designer bags, purses, and jewelry. Their jewelry pieces start at $19 while their cheapest bag is $49. That is just a lightweight shopping bag.

COS jewelry
Some of the jewelry styles by COS.

The jewelry has unique designs and some of the pieces are pretty cheap. You’ll find some pieces made with sterling silver and some gold-plated pieces here. The most interesting pieces are arguably the non-fine jewelry pieces that have got some pretty interesting and different designs.

Their women’s handbags are pretty reasonably priced, with the most expensive one costing $285. They just have a few different ones, but I am sure that the simple and functional designs will be just the styles some of you are looking for.

Magazines and Lookbooks

When shopping for the latest at Cos it’s a good thing to check out their seasonal lookbooks for both women and men. When looking for inspiration from the new collections you can watch videos and photos to get an idea of the mood and way to dress in the new collection.

The video has music and beautiful scenery, and while you are watching it you can tap to shop the looks directly.

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If you subscribe to their newsletter you’ll be able to get a 10% discount on your first order.

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