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10% Popularity in the US

There’s a big selection of pet supplies at the Cherrybrook online store. It is a premium source for mainly dog-related products, but they do also offer a lot of products for cats.

According to website traffic statistics, the popularity of this store is the range between medium and high.

The product categories at this store are the cherry-picks (which includes a made in America sub-category), supplies, grooming, food, health, treats, toys, cat and gifts.

You can also shop by brand name.

The store is easy to browse thanks to a lot of filters. The default sorting of the items is to show the cheapest ones first.

Cherrybrook best selling USA products
These are some of the best selling products in the Made in America section of the store.

Pet Supplies

In the supplies category, you can find over 40 beds costing between $9 and $123.

There are also over 100 leads and collars, 30 books & DVDs with grooming and training guides. 60 bowls & feeding products, 50 clean up products, 30 crates, and 12 gates & doors, and more.

There are over 140 products for $10 or less. So if you’re looking for something cheap for your pet, you might find that here as well.

There’s a total of 550 different products in the supplies category.

Grooming Products

This is the category that makes this store shine. No pun intended.

They’ve got over 370 different shampoos and conditioners, lots of brushes and combs, clippers and trimmers, dryers, grooming tables, and more.

Pet Food

There’s a big selection of dog food at Cherrybrook, including over 160 dry dog food products, over 50 raw and alternative dog foods, and over 160 wet dog food items.

It says on their site that they’re committed to a holistic nutritional philosophy. That’s why they want to make sure the diet for your pet is free from corn, wheat, soy, animal by-products, artificial colors, and preservatives.

Health Products

Choose from over 250 items in the health category, and 90 of them are listed for $10 or less. You can buy different health supplements which include dental, skincare products, veterinary supplies, and herbal remedies.

First aid products, flea and tick products, skincare are additional sub-categories you will find under the health category.

Cat Products

They’ve also got a large selection of cat food, toys, and cat grooming products.

Shipping Info

For extra-large orders, you need to contact the store to negotiate a shipping fee from the delivery companies on your behalf.

Some items are drop shipped which means they are shipped not form the storage facilities of Cherrybrook but directly from the manufacturer. This should be stated on the individual product pages.

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