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At Boll & Branch, you can buy organic products made of 100% cotton and other sustainable raw materials. They use third-party verification to ensure that all of their raw materials meet international standards for organic farming.

The founders of the company are committed to creating not only quality products for their customers, but better lives for their employees, too.

Change your Sheets, Change the World

Boll & Branch Bedding
Boll & Branch has comfy, Fair Trade Certified bedding and bath products from 100% organic cotton

This is Boll & Branch’s motto. When you choose to buy your sheets at Boll & Branch, you’re also choosing to shop consciously. This brand saves millions of gallons of water and carbon emissions because of its values, which include Fair Trade seed cotton, sustainability, and no pesticides.

This brand is fully committed to using only organic materials and ethical labor practices. As mentioned above, there are no harmful chemicals, pesticides, and GMOs used in their products. This includes all of the products listed on the site.

Just as important is Boll & Branch’s commitment to the well-being of its employees. This store manufactures its products in Portugal, India, and the US, making sure that all employees are treated fairly, respectfully, and at will. All products are Fair Trade Certified and Boll & Branch is proud to treat its employees like family.

Soft, Organic Bedding & Bath Linens

Boll & Branch has a great selection of bedding and bath products that are cozy, comfy, and ethical. You’ll notice that there are separate tabs on the main menu, like Sheets, Bedding, and Bath, where you can explore collections of high-quality home goods.

If you click on Bedding, you’ll see that you can shop by category, material, or room, in addition to Bedding Essentials. If you click on Shop the Room, you’ll find curated collections of rooms that are decorated in different aesthetics, like Shore Retreat and Classic White Bedroom. These collections show you beautiful photo spreads of rooms that are decorated with Boll & Branch products so that you can recreate the look in your own home.

In the Bath collection, you’ll discover collections of bath towels, bath mats, shower curtains, and towel sets. There are luxe collections like the Plush Bath Collection and Spa Bath Collection. As you browse, you’ll discover luxurious bath items that are so cozy and soft, you’ll look forward to bath time just to use them.

The Bath collection features neutral tones that are classic, simple, and comforting. You’ll find tones like pastels, greys, and earth tones so that your own home will feel like a relaxing spa getaway.

Affordable Luxury Mattress

In addition to soft, comfy linens, Boll & Branch also has high-quality mattresses made from natural and organic materials. When you click on Mattress on the main menu, you can read more about Boll & Branch’s handmade mattresses. There is one model that runs in twin-sized through California king.

These mattresses are foam-free and assembled by hand using only ethical materials. You’ll enjoy all of the perks of a luxury mattress with the added benefit of knowing that you’re helping the planet with your purchase. Additionally, Boll & Branch sells mattress foundations to go with their mattresses that are made from wood and steel.

Organic Gifts

Boll & Branch Gifts
Boll & Branch has luxurious gift sets that are perfect for any holiday or occasion

Boll & Branch has great gifting options, whether you’re looking for the perfect gift for a housewarming, holiday, or any other special occasion. Under the Gifts tab on the main menu, you’ll find collections of items like Best Sellers, Housewarming Gifts, and Gifts for Newlyweds. These collections have items like robes and pajamas in addition to bedding and bath sets.

Depending on your budget, you can search for gifts by price. For example, you can click on Gifts Under $75 or Gifts Under $100 to discover soft, comfy items that are right at your price point. And of course, Boll & Branch has gift cards available so that you can give the gift of comfort from $50 and up.


The best deals at Boll & Branch can be found in the Sale section. Click on Sale to get the best prices on items that are on their way out. It’s important to note that all sales are final, so there are no returns on these items.

Here, you’ll find cheap bedding and bath products that are marked up to 30% off the original price. This includes basics like sheet sets, blankets, duvet sets, and pillowcase sets in neutral colors.

In addition to this selection of cheap home goods, there’s also a small collection of items like gifts for newborns, pajamas, and scarves that are soft and cozy.

Shipping & Returns

Boll & Branch offers free ground shipping (up to 10 business days) on all orders within the US. 1-day and 2-day shipping are available, the cost of which is calculated upon checkout. Please note that 1-day and 2-day shipping do not deliver on weekends or holidays.

If you’re unsatisfied with your purchase, you can return your items within 30 days of delivery. 

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