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Soft, simple and sustainable apparel

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Alternative Apparel puts fabric first by offering eco-friendly clothing designed with a purpose. Here, you’ll find clothing for men, women, and kids. This store also sells products like accessories, home décor, bags, and shoes that are ethical and fashionable.

Soft, Simple, & Sustainable Clothing

Sustainable clothing by Alternative Apparel
Shop for comfy, stylish, and sustainable clothing with a purpose at Alternative Apparel

These are keywords in Alternative Apparel’s mission and vision. This store makes an effort to create clothing that you’d like to wear today as well as tomorrow while being environmentally responsible.

Alternative Apparel’s style is meant to be timeless. The brand focuses on using the finest fabrics for softness and durability. It does this by incorporating organic, vegan, and recycled materials whenever possible. The result is comfy, perfectly worn-in clothing that is simple and cozy.

Best Sellers

Discover Alternative Apparel’s top items that keep shoppers coming back for more. The Best Sellers collection carries classic, popular pieces for both men and women. You’ll find clothing like cozy t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, and sweatpants.

Alternative Apparel believes that its products’ softness and casual style are what make them bestsellers. Currently, there are nearly 50 items in this category that are made from different eco-friendly materials. 

Brands We Love

Alternative Apparel has several other brands that they love and support. Some examples are Mollusk, Topo Designs, Stance, NYTT, and People Tree. Here, you can shop from different categories such as apparel, bags, home, jewelry, and accessories across all brands on the store’s site.

All of these other brands are similar to Alternative Apparel in style and mission. They have stylish, comfy clothing that is committed to responsible production and distribution.


To find the best deals at Alternative Apparel, head to the store’s sale section. Here you’ll find cheap, comfy clothes for men and women at discounted prices. You’ll find clothing like t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, pants, and jackets from several brands, including the store’s own brand.

You can also find accessories, bags, and footwear that are marked down from their original prices.

Shipping & Returns

Alternative Apparel offers customers free standard shipping (5-10 business days) on US orders in the 48 contiguous states. 2-day shipping costs $16 and next-day shipping costs $25. Shipping to Hawaii and Alaska costs $20 and takes 2-3 business days.

Unused, undamaged items can be returned within 30 days of delivery. Free returns are offered on orders within the 48 contiguous states. There are no returns on items purchased in the Final Sale or Last Chance sections of the store.

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