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Adorama is a US-based retail shop that provides an astonishing lineup of cameras, lenses, cinematography gears, and various types of equipment. In short, it has all the latest cutting-edge technological gadgets and accessories that you may need to make a visual masterpiece. There’s a saying which best describes the working principles of the store. You need the right set of equipment if you are looking to exhibit your creative vision.

Adorama offers a large selection of mirrorless cameras with over 800 products

The store was first established in 1974 in New York City and was known by the name of “The photography people.” Today, it offers a variety of products from including home electronics, musical instruments, computers, drones, and other necessary products that one needs.

Photography Equipment and Accessories

Although the essential part of creating art is the core idea, still the gears possess the capability to make all the difference in the end-results. With some of the fantastic collection of cameras, lenses, lighting & studios, tripods, and other accessories, you don’t need to look anywhere else.   

It has more than 2,300 cameras of different variants and specifications. You can buy Mirrorless, Digital, Point and shoot cameras from 35 brands including Panasonic, Nikon, Fujifilm, Kodak, and others.

Incredible Collection of Film-Making Gadgets     

Whether you are looking to make a short film or a full feature film, you will get a variety of options to choose from Adorama. It has got several professional video cameras, camcorders, video lenses & accessories, camera supports, monitors, wireless & live streaming, teleprompters, and other cool gadgets.

To give you some statistical evidence, it has got more than 1,100 products for professional video cameras from more than 60 brands. Some of the major brands include Canon, Google, HTC, GoPro, JVC, Kodak, Logitech, Panasonic, Toshiba, and many others. 

Similarly, it has got more than 4,300 products in the video lenses and accessories category.

You’ll also find a huge selection of video drones with over 80 4K UHD drones and 70 with 720p and 1080p HD video resolution.

Adorama Offers a Wide Variety of Musical Instruments

It is not just about the photography and film-making gadgets that Adorama is proficient at serving their customers. You can also buy a wide range of musical instruments here as well. Electric and acoustic guitars, electric and acoustic drums, keyboards, folk instruments, amplifiers, and accessories.

The selection of electric guitars is amazing with more than 3,200 different products and 660 bass guitars.

Get the Most of Used Products if on Budget

Someone doesn’t need to have deep pockets to follow his/her dreams and aspirations in life. All you need is an idea and the right equipment to make it happen. And to help you turn your dreams into reality, Adorama offers a range of used products for your convenience.

From cameras, lenses, video equipment, to home entertainment products, Adorama offers it all at good prices.

Payment Methods

Adorama provides you an enormous range of safe & secure payment options for your ease and convenience. It accepts VISA, American Express, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover in Credit cards. A debit card and Check card can also be used to make the payments. Other payment option includes Visa Checkout, Paypal, Paypal Credit, and its financing option with Adorama Credit Card.

Wire transfers are also possible but subject to a $20 fee.    

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